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About The Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority

Serving the Kanawha Valley Since 1971

Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority (KVRTA) is a public transportation authority created in 1971 by Kanawha County and the City of Charleston. KVRTA is governed by a 13-member Board. Four Board members are appointed by the County Commission, three are appointed by the City of Charleston, and there is one representative each from the towns of South Charleston, Nitro, St. Albans, Dunbar, Montgomery, and Belle.

KVRTA serves Kanawha County and portions of Fayette and Putnam Counties. The service area is approximately 913 square miles, with a population of approximately 195,413. It is estimated that 88 percent of Kanawha County’s residents live within three-quarters of a mile of a KVRTA route.

KVRTA operates a network of 21 fixed routes oriented around the commercial center of Charleston. Except for four holidays, service is provided seven days a week. The earliest routes begin at 4:20 a.m., and service continues until 12:30 a.m. the next day. Complementary paratransit service, known as Kanawha Alternative Transit, or KAT, operates during the same days and hours.

KVRTA has zoned fares, with a fixed-route base zone fare of $1.00. Fares increase by zone to a maximum of $2.50. Reduced fares are offered during all hours to elderly and disabled persons and Medicare cardholders. The reduced base zone fare is 50 cents, with successive fares either exactly half or rounded down. The fares for ADA paratransit service are twice the fixed-route fares for the respective zones. KVRTA offers discount passes and reduced student fares on all routes. There is a five-mile trolley loop that serves the State Capitol area and major suburban retail centers.

KVRTA operates a fleet of 57 vehicles for fixed-route service. The fleet consists of 30- and 35-foot transit coaches, minibuses, and five rubber-tired trolleys. KVRTA also has 13 cutaway vans for the KAT complementary paratransit service.

KVRTA’s operations, maintenance, and administrative headquarters are located on Fourth Avenue in Charleston. The Laidley Street Transit Mall in downtown Charleston is the hub and transfer center for all routes. The Transit Mall is a component of the multi-use, multi-modal space that includes commercial and entertainment venues, hotels, and government offices.

Dennis E. Dawson  - KVRTA General Manager

Todd Goldman - President, KVRTA Board of Members