Fare Information



KVRTA buses operate throughout Kanawha County — due to the size of our service area, fares vary based upon trip length and zones. KVRTA has a base fare of $1.00 and $0.25 is charged for each zone traveled to or from. Exact fare is required, drivers do not carry any money to make change.

Base fare: $1.00
Zone fare: $0.25
Transfers: $0.10


Children under the height of 40 inches that are riding with an adult will ride for free. Children over 40 inches in height regardless of age will be charged the normal fare.

Transfer Policy:

When your destination cannot be reached by traveling on a single KRT bus, you may be able to "transfer". Transfers from one KRT bus to another cost $0.10. If you need to transfer buses you must request and purchase transfer when you board the bus. Transfers must be made at designated transfer points and be used on the next available bus and will expire after that next available bus or designated time period. A transfer cannot be used on a bus that returns to the area from which you came.

Half-Fare Policy:

Senior Citizens (age 65 and older) and handicapped individuals with proper I.D. or those who present a valid Medicare Card may ride any KRT bus (except express buses) for half the normal fare.

Discount Passes Available

31 Day Pass — The 31 Day pass which is available for $40.00 allows the user unlimited rides in the base fare zone for a period of 31 days. This pass will begin a 31 day count-down the first time a rider uses the pass.

When the 31 days are over, the new fare box will print the word “EXPIRED” on the back of the pass.

Stored Value Passes — KRT offer two stored value passes which provide pass user a 10% discount upon the purchase of the pass.

Theses passes are inserted in the Farebox and the amount of your fare is deducted and the pass is returned to you with the remaining stored value listed on the back.
You may call KRT at (304) 343-7586 for details; or buy any of the passes at KRT's main office, located at 1550 4th Avenue, Charleston, or KRT's Transit Mall Information Center, Laidley Street, Downtown Charleston.

In addition you may purchase all passes in the lobby of the KRT Administrative Building (1550 Fourth Avenue on Charleston's West Side) from an automated Ticket Vending Machine (TVM). It should be noted that the time period for use of a 31 day passes issued by the TVM begins on the date of purchase. If you would like a 31 day pass for future use please purchase it from the Dispatcher on duty.